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  • Holiday Vape Deals 2016

    Thanksgiving is just around the corner, and for shoppers this means two things: Black Friday and Cyber Monday! The weekend after Thanksgiving has turned into the most awaited days of the year for consumers who are looking to score the best deals.


    We at Vapor HQ celebrate the official start of the holiday season by offering the most amazing deals on starter kits, mods, tanks, batteries, and vape juice. Save thousands of dollars from your purchase starting on Black Friday until the end of 2016.

    Are you looking for gift ideas for your loved ones who are still smoking? Perhaps your current vape setup needs a mod or tank upgrade. Or maybe you've gotten tired of the usual juice varieties and want to treat yourself to new and exciting flavors. Vapor HQ has one of the most comprehensive vape collections featuring all the top brands that you know and love.

    Choose from a long list of devices and accessories from Aspire, Eleaf, iJoy, Innokin, Joyetech, KangerTech, LG, Panasonic, Samsung, SMOK, Sony, or Wismec and pair them with original e-liquid recipes from VaporHQ.

    Why wait for December when you can get a head start on your holiday shopping this coming Thanksgiving? Here are a few tips on how to plan your upcoming Black Friday and Cyber Monday shopping spree.

    First, make a list of what you need and decide on a budget. Then visit the VaporHQ online store and browse through the extensive selection of Black Friday and Cyber Monday deals. If you have a specific product category, brand, flavor, or price range in mind, you may filter your search accordingly. You should be ready to order once you've matched your online shopping cart with your personal checklist.

    We offer free shipping on all purchases over $75. Place your orders early to avoid the holiday rush and ensure that your merchandise arrives in the mail on time.

    Whether you're looking to impress with the most powerful vaping beasts or stuff your stockings with little bottles of e-juice, VaporHQ.com has got you covered. Now you won't have to wait in line outside the store at winter dawn just to save money on your electronic cigarette purchase. Shop and enjoy the biggest savings on 2016 holiday vape deals.

  • Compatible Coils For The iJust 2 By Eleaf

    The most attractive feature of the Eleaf iJust 2 is its versatility. You'll be able to experiment with a wide range of replacement atomizers including coils that are designed for other clearomizers such as the Melo, Atlantis, Atlantis 2, and Aspire Triton 2.

    Compatible Coils List:

    Note: While the replacement coils listed above DOES and WILL work with the iJust 2 by Eleaf, we recommend using the branded EC atomizer heads for your iJust 2 whenever possible as these coils were specifically made for this device. They're guaranteed to deliver the most consistent and best performance.

    iSmoka/Eleaf Branded Atomizer Heads for iJust 2

    iSmoka has created six versions of the EC Atomizer Head Replacement Coils, each one tailor made to a specific vaping style.

    Standard Kanthal Coils

    Kanthal EC coils are made of two wires wrapped parallel to each other. With its dual-parallel vertical configuration, the Eleaf EC Kanthal coil boasts a whopping 0.4mm diameter.

    The standard Kanthal EC coil atomizer heads are rated 0.5Ω and can handle up to 100 watts. (Eleaf EC Atomizer Head Replacement Coils (5-Pack) 0.5ohm)

    There's also a standard Kanthal EC atomizer head with 0.3Ω resistance and wattage range of 30W to 80W. (Eleaf EC Atomizer Head Replacement Coils (5-Pack) 0.3ohm)

    Eleaf EC Kanthal coil heads are sealed with a white gasket for identification purposes.

    Stainless Steel Coils with Ceramic Wick

    Built with a single vertical stainless steel coil, the EC ceramic atomizer head features a full ceramic wicking system that significantly increases the lifespan of the device. These are rated 0.5Ω with a wattage range of 30W to 60W.

    Ni and Ti Coils for Temperature Control

    For temperature control vaping, iSmoka has developed a nickel coil and a titanium coil. These are built with single-wire coils arranged vertically inside the atomizer head.

    The EC TC-Ni coil made of Ni-200 wire can handle up to 60W with a 0.15Ω resistance.

    The EC TC-Ti coil made of titanium wire is rated at 0.5Ω and can handle up to 60 watts of power.

    Eleaf EC nickel atomizers come with a blue gasket while the Eleaf EC titanium atomizer has a pink gasket for easy identification.


    The latest addition to the Eleaf EC coil series is the NotchCoil™ version with 0.25Ω resistance. NotchCoil atomizers have no wire at all. This revolutionary coil is pressed rather than wrapped – featuring a hollow tube made of solid 316 stainless steel, with notches along the surface area and super low resistance leads that are welded to the positive and negative ends.

    The threaded connection on each side of the EC coil enables you to secure the atomizer tube into the atomize base tightly.

    Kanthal atomizers have stainless steel ends while the Ni, Ti, and NotchCoil heads have gold-plated pins for better conductivity.

    All EC coils are wrapped with 100% organic cotton wicks for a cleaner, purer and tastier flavor. The atomizer heads also feature enlarged ejuice ports for premium wicking.

    ECL Series

    In addition to the regular EC series, the iJust 2 can also be used with special ECL coils. The "L" implies larger wicking ports that soak up more juice to prevent dry hits. Built with dual vertical stainless steel coils, these atomizers work well in wattage mode and temperature control mode. ECL replacement heads are available in 0.18Ω and 0.3Ω versions.

    Although EC and ECL coils are designed for the iJust 2 clearomizer tank, they can also be used with the Eleaf Lemo 3 and Melo series as well as the Aspire Triton 2, Atlantis, Atlantis 2, and Atlantis Mega tanks.

  • Kanger Subox Mini-C vs Kanger Subox Mini

    The SUBOX Mini is one of the most popular mod-and-tank setups in the KangerTech line. Launched in 2015, it combines the highly portable KBOX Mini box mod and the super versatile Subtank Mini clearomizer into one complete and easy-to-use kit.

    Ver. 1 Subox Mini Starter Kit (2015 Model) Subox Mini Starter Kit (Subtank Mini Clearomizer + KBOX Mini Box Mod)

    This year, Kanger is introducing an updated version – the SUBOX Mini-C – which is specifically designed to work with the company's new series of SSOCC atomizer heads. Why is this so important? Because Kanger plans to eventually stop production of its old square-shaped OCC atomizers, the SUBOX Mini-C now becomes the jump-off point into the next generation of KangerTech vaporizers.

    Ver. 2 Subox Mini-C Starter Kit (2016 Model) Subox Mini-C Starter Kit (KBOX Mini-C Box Mod + Protank 5 Clearomizer)

    Although it is a product upgrade, the SUBOX Mini-C has maintained some of the features of the original SUBOX Mini. They both offer a variable wattage range of 7 watts to 50 watts – adjustable in 0.1 watt increments – and can handle atomizers with as low as 0.3Ω resistance. The height and width of the mod are similar, with ergonomically designed curves added for extreme comfort. The chassis of the KBOX Mini-C is made of the same zinc alloy material used in the KBOX Mini so it keeps total weight to a minimum and ensures durability. Both mods are built with a battery chamber along the side that can fit one 18650 battery, secured by a magnetized enclosure. The control face also stays the same – featuring a horizontal OLED screen placed in between a round fire switch and a pair of adjustment buttons.

    What's New With The SUBOX Mini-C?

    Aesthetics – The KBOX Mini-C is one good-looking mod. Kanger has replaced the old ceramic paint of the KBOX Mini with a sleek metallic finish that makes the KBOX Mini-C less prone to scratching or peeling. The function side of the mod is also carved deep into the frame for a more comfortable grip.

    Battery Door – The battery compartment in both mods are sealed by a removable cover that is secured with four magnets. However, the battery door of the KBOX Mini-C is now easier to remove – just pull it out and snap back on. In the old KBOX Mini, you need to have really strong fingernails to pry the cover open from the bottom latch.

    Contact Pin – Although the SUBOX is designed to be used as a mod and tank duo, you can try different clearomizers or drippers that are 22mm in diameter. But this can be difficult to do with the KBOX Mini because the contact pin is fixed. The new KBOX Mini-C now has a spring-loaded center pin to firmly catch any 510 tank connector.

    Tank – The biggest advantage of the SUBOX Mini-C kit is the Protank 5 clearomizer which replaces the Subtank Mini in the original SUBOX Mini kit. The Protank 5 has a short profile that takes away the extra height and bulk of the Subtank Mini.

    Juice Well – The Protank 5 features an all-clear glass tube that allows you to view everything inside. In the Subtank Mini, the juice and coil section is enclosed in a metal reinforced tank with large glass windows.

    Liquid Capacity – The downside to the smaller Protank 5 is that it can only store 3ml of flavored e-juice. The Subtank Mini can be filled with up to 4.5ml of liquid.

    Filling – Like any bottom-access tank, the Subtank Mini is inconvenient to fill and can be susceptible to leaking. The Protank 5 takes its design cues from the modern trend of top-fill systems which allows users to add more juice without the need to remove the clearomizer from the box mod.

    Juice Control – The Protank 5 is built with an adjustable liquid control valve near the bottom of the chimney so you can select the exact amount of juice that gets wicked into the coil during vaping. The Subtank Mini has no liquid control feature.

    Coil Compatibility – The Subtank Mini uses the old square-shaped OCC atomizer head which Kanger is about to phase out in favor of the new SSOCC atomizer heads which the Protank 5 is built around.

    Coil Replacement – The Subtank Mini has a traditional threaded base that screws in and out of the tank. In the new Protank 5, the base now has a screwless design that enables you to change the atomizer head by simply pulling the tank away from the base. This eliminates the possibility of loose threads from eventual wear and tear.

    Airflow – The airflow valve at the base of the Subtank Mini is fully adjustable. In the new Protank 5 the air is drawn through a pair of fixed air slots measuring 18mm x 2mm each.

    Color options – The SUBOX Mini kit comes only in black or white. Kanger gives you more style choices with the SUBOX Mini-C which is currently available in silver, black, white, rose gold, silver gray colors.

    Kit Contents – The SUBOX Mini-C is a barebones kit which only includes the three most basic vaping items: box mod, clearomizer tank, and USB cable. The more versatile SUBOX Mini allows you to experiment with a whole lot of vaping styles as it comes complete with the KBOX Mini mod, Subtank Mini clearomizer, two replacement OCC atomizer heads, an optional RBA deck with pre-built coils, a set of tools for rebuilding the atomizer (organic cotton, screwdriver, post screws), and an extra Delrin drip tip.

    The Kanger SUBOX Mini Starter Kit

    The Kanger SUBOX Mini starter kit gives you plenty of options without having to purchase parts separately. Everything you need to customize your vaping experience is in one neat bundle.

    Inside the SUBOX Mini box is a 50W variable wattage vaporizer, a Subtank Mini clearomizer, a pair of OCC heads with 0.5Ω and 1.5Ω resistance, an RBA device, a USB charging cable, and all the necessary tools and instruction guides.

    The Subtank Mini features a much improved airflow design, and the easy-to-assemble RBA deck is ideal for vapers who are new to rebuildables.

    With two types of atomizer heads included in the kit, the Kanger SUBOX Mini provides a mouth-to-lung option for a cigarette-like sensation as well as a direct-lung option for hard hitters.

    Kanger SUBOX Mini Features:

    • Zinc alloy mod construction with aqueous ceramic coating
    • Variable wattage range: 7 watts to 50 watts
    • Minimum resistance: 0.3Ω
    • Powered by one (1) high amp 18650 battery (sold separately)
    • Classic three-button control face
    • OLED screen displays wattage, voltage, resistance, battery life
    • Magnetic battery cover
    • Signature Kanger logo battery vent
    • Short circuit protection
    • Atomizer open circuit protection
    • Battery reverse polarity protection
    • PCB extreme heat protection
    • 10-second cutoff
    • Low voltage protection
    • Micro USB charging port with passthrough technology
    • 510 Delrin drip tip
    • Subtank Mini clearomizer with 4.5ml liquid capacity
    • OCC atomizer with 0.5Ω resistance (direct-lung inhale from 15W to 60W)
    • OCC atomizer with 1.5Ω resistance (mouth-to-lung inhale from 10W to 26W)
    • Easy-to-assemble optional RBA deck
    • Fully adjustable bottom airflow valve
    • Available in black and white colors plus blue and silver limited editions

    The Kanger SUBOX Mini-C Starter Kit

    The Kanger SUBOX Mini-C starter kit features the stylish KBOX Mini-C mod paired with the new Protank 5 clearomizer. Together they offer a powerful vaping machine for ex-smokers who are looking for a simple setup, or veteran vapers in need of a more compact and robust device for vaping on the go.

    The KBOX Mini-C is one of the best mid-wattage devices on the market today. Working in tandem with the KBOX Mini-C box mod is the new Protank 5 clearomizer that is fully compatible with Kanger's new line of SSOCC atomizers.

    What makes the Protank 5 truly unique is its screwless base design. Instead of metal threading, the bottom of the Pyrex glass is sealed by dual O-rings. To change the atomizer head, hold the device upside down (if the Protank is not empty) and pull the tank away from the base.

    Another great feature in the Protank 5 is juice control. Near the bottom of the chimney are two large holes that align with the wick ports on the atomizer head. By rotating the base of the tank, you can adjust these ports to open in three sizes or close them completely.

    Kanger SUBOX Mini-C Features:

    • Ergonomic, lightweight design
    • Compact and easy to use
    • Zinc alloy chassis
    • Powered by one (1) high amp 18650 battery (sold separately)
    • Variable wattage range: 7 watts to 50 watts
    • Atomizer resistance range: 0.3Ω to 1.6Ω
    • Classic three-button control face
    • Tactile fire, up, and down buttons
    • Intuitive OLED screen displays wattage, voltage, resistance, battery life
    • Removable battery cover secured by strong magnets
    • Signature Kanger logo battery vent
    • Gold-plated battery contacts
    • Spring-loaded negative contact
    • 22mm bezel
    • Stainless steel 510 threading
    • Spring-loaded, gold-plated 510 contact pin
    • Micro USB charging port
    • Short circuit protection
    • Overcharge protection
    • Battery reverse polarity protection
    • Over-discharge protection
    • 10-second cutoff
    • Short profile Protank 5 clearomizer
    • Food-grade 304 stainless steel housing
    • 3ml liquid capacity
    • Convenient top-fill system
    • Pyrex glass with leakproof dual seal design on top and bottom
    • Compatible with KangerTech SSOCC atomizer heads
    • Pre-installed with 0.5Ω SSOCC atomizer head
    • Vertical coil structure
    • Japanese organic cotton wicks
    • Adjustable liquid control valve
    • Screwless tank base for quick and efficient coil replacement
    • Fixed Delrin drip tip
    • Cyclops-style 18mm x 2mm dual airflow slots
    • Available in silver, black, white, rose gold, and silver gray colors
  • Kanger Protank 4 Clearomizer Evolved Review

    The Protank pushed KangerTech to elite status in the vaping industry. For many years it had dominated the clearomizer category with superb performance, ease of use, replaceable bottom dual coils, and corrosion-resistant glass tanks. The Protank 3 was the first in the series to use sub-ohm coils, which sparked a revolution and have now become the atomizer of choice for advanced vapers. With sub-ohm vaping bursting into the scene, Kanger decided to switch its focus on its new Subtank line, relegating the trusty old Protank to collectors' shelves.

    Kanger Protank 4 Clearomizer

    For the past year and a half, the Kanger Subtank has been the hottest series in the company's lineup. Last April 20, however, KangerTech announced that it was introducing a brand new product – a modern evolution of an old series that had been sitting on the sidelines for a while.

    After taking a long hiatus, the Protank is finally back! The Kanger Protank 4 meshes state-of-the-art vaping technology with the Protank's classic look, and it could very well be the most versatile tank on the market today.

    Although the Protank 4 is designed to keep up with the times, it maintains its original roots of being Mouth-to-Lung (MTL) friendly so it can still cater to the needs of ex-smokers and novice vapers.

    The Pro-Tank 4 is compatible with most pre-built, disposable coils with higher resistances up to 1.5Ω and as low as 0.3Ω for sub-ohm attys. It also comes with its own RBA deck for those who prefer to build their own coils. With so many options available, the Protank 4 Evolved is perfect for all vaping levels.

    The Kanger Protank 4 Kit in Silver includes one 1.5Ω coil which should appeal to ex-smokers who prefer a tighter, cigarette-like draw. Another 0.5Ω ceramic coil has been added for direct lung hitters. After trying both, you can experiment with other types of SSOCC coils built for mouth-to-lung, direct-lung, and temperature control vaping.

    The Protank 4 RBA deck is called the RBA Pro – designed for those who do not mind getting down and dirty to create the perfect vape. While other tanks may also offer an RBA option, the device is usually sold separately. Kanger is giving you the RBA Pro for free when you purchase the Protank 4 Evolved.

    The RBA Pro is a Velocity-style, two-post deck. KangerTech has pre-installed two Clapton coils to let you vape straight out of the box. Designed for advanced vapers, the RBA Pro can accommodate any build style with a maximum coil diameter of 2.5mm.

    Since sub-ohm coils tend to guzzle juice, the Protank 4 is built with a monster tank that can store up to 5ml of e-liquid. That's definitely a plus for those who hate carrying several bottles of e-liquid around.

    The Protank 4 Evolved provides airflow control from top to bottom. It also has a unique side filling system with child safety lock. We'll break down all of these innovative features to give you a glimpse of how this awesome tank is going to change your vaping experience.

    The Kanger Protank 4 Evolved

    New PROTANK 4 by KangerTechLike the previous Pro Tank versions, the Pro Tank 4 by Kanger Tech is a sturdy device made of 100% stainless steel. The original all-glass tube is now reinforced with metal so it doesn't shatter to pieces even if you drop the tank. The middle section has two large Pyrex glass windows so you can still monitor the remaining juice inside.

    Including the mouthpiece, the full tank assembly measures 65.5mm in height with a 22mm diameter that fits flush into most box mods.

    The Kanger Protank 4 has only three components: drip tip, tank, and base.

    Removable 510 Drip Tip

    On top of the Protank 4 is a removable wide bore drip tip with a Delrin mouthpiece and stainless steel base, double sealed with thick black O-rings to prevent leaks.

    The Protank 4 drip tip is a standard 510 mouthpiece so you can replace it with glass, aluminum or stainless steel versions from your collection.

    Right under the plastic mouthpiece is an airflow valve that is fully adjustable. Hold the textured section to grip the ring and give it a twist to open or close the two airflow holes. Keep them open for a more airy draw or shut them close for a tighter draw.

    Some may like the drip tip airflow, some may not. If you prefer not to use it, just keep the valve closed or replace it with another mouthpiece.

    5ML Tank With Child Safety Lock

    Unlike most tanks that can be completely disassembled, the Protank 4 is a one-piece device that cannot be taken apart. The top cap and liquid chamber are fixed together in a seamless sleek tube. Most vapers prefer a completely knockdown tank to make it easier to clean the parts, especially the juice section where gunk can accumulate. Also, you cannot replace the glass if it cracks or breaks. The upside to a one-piece tank is that there is no danger of liquid leaking into your hands. The only opening is at the base which is secured by a double sealed bottom cap.

    Child locks have become an emerging trend in tank design as reported cases of accidental nicotine poisoning among toddlers continue to rise. To keep your family safe, the Protank 4 has been designed with a child safety lock on top to make it difficult for curious tykes to access the liquid.

    With a hidden fill hole, there's no way a child can accidentally get their hands on the e-juice inside the tank. To fill the Protank 4, you will have to twist the top cap until the red seal is exposed. Pull the top gently to reveal the side fill hole. Grab the textured section and twist the dial to open or close the juice hole.

    The unique side-fill system of the Protank 4 Evolved makes refilling easier with no top caps or bottom caps to unscrew. There is also no need to disconnect the Pro Tank 4 from your mod or battery.

    One of the benefits of sub-ohm vaping is lots and lots of vapor, but thick clouds also mean your juice drains really fast. The Protank 4 is built with a massive 5ml liquid reservoir so you don't have to keep refilling several times a day.

    Bottom Airflow (Adjustable)

    The tank is sealed at the bottom with a cap that also serves as the atomizer base.

    Around the cap is an airflow ring drilled with Cyclops-style 9mm horizontal slits. The airflow dial doesn't rotate continuously. It has a small stopper that makes it easier to adjust to a specific air hole size. Just twist the valve to adjust the amount of air intake.

    The tank base can fit pre-built disposable stainless steel coils as well as the RBA Pro.

    Coil Options for Protank 4

    The KangerTech Protank 4 is both a clearomizer tank and a rebuildable atomizer.

    If you are not interested in coil building and prefer a simple plug-and-play experience, you can use a disposable atomizer head with the Protank 4 Evolved. KangerTech offers a wide range of coils that are fully compatible with this tank, each one created for a specific vaping style.

    Although the Protank 4 is designed to compete with more advanced technologies, it continues the long-time Protank tradition of being a Mouth-to-lung (MTL) friendly clearomizer.

    SSOCC Coils -

    SSOCC 1.5ohm ResistanceThe Protank 4 Evolved kit includes one 1.5Ω stainless steel organic cotton coil (SSOCC) that's perfect for MTL inhales. This atomizer is labeled with a red gasket. Check out our list of other replacement MTL coil heads for the Protank 4 Evolved.


    Upgraded Ceramic SSOCC Coils -

    Ceramic 0.5ohm Coil for Protank 4Ceramic coils are becoming increasingly popular even for casual vapers. For those who like their vapor strong and warm, Kanger has developed a new series of ceramic coils with sub-ohm resistance. The atomizer head included in the Protank 4 Evolved kit is a 0.5Ω ceramic coil identified by a gray gasket.


    RBA Pro Deck -

    Protank 4 RBA PRO with Clapton Coil BuildSometimes pre-built coils just don't cut it, and the most discriminating vapers can demand a specific warmth level and flavor depth from their vapor. The Protank 4 Evolved helps you find your sweet spot with its very own RBA deck. The RBA Pro designed specifically for the Protank 4 is a Velocity-style 2-post deck that is very easy to build. It has four large juice holes around the deck base and two large airflow holes located directly under the coils. Although most of the marketing materials from KangerTech are promoting the RBA Pro for dual Clapton builds, you can create all sorts of wraps as long as the coil diameter fits the deck.

    The Protank 4 Evolved not only includes an RBA deck but an entire DIY kit as well with extra coils, extra screws, extra organic cotton sheet, and an Allen key so you'll have all the tools you need to start building your coils from scratch. It has been pre-installed with two 0.6Ω Clapton coils arranged in parallel configuration so you can start using it even if you do not have coil building experience. All you have to do is add some wick and juice and you're good to go!

    KangerTech has clearly covered all of its bases with the Protank 4 Evolved. With a special side fill design that is child-proof and leak-proof, an easy to build RBA deck that can accommodate dual Clapton coils, massive 5ml juice storage, a plethora of compatible pre-built atomizers to choose from, and top to bottom airflow, the KangerTech Protank 4 is the perfect tank for vapers who demand the best flavors and the thickest vapor in an easy-to-use format.

    Kanger Protank 4 Evolved Features:

    • Stainless steel construction
    • Pyrex glass windows
    • Side fill design
    • Leak-proof tank
    • 5ml liquid capacity
    • Child safety lock
    • Delrin mouthpiece
    • Removable 510 drip tip with adjustable airflow
    • Mouth-to-lung (MTL) and direct lung (DL) options
    • Compatible with SSOCC atomizer heads
    • Velocity-style RBA deck pre-installed with dual Clapton coils
    • Comes with 1.5Ω MTL atomizer and 0.5Ω ceramic coil
    • Atomizer base with adjustable airflow control valve
    • DIY kit included
    • Non-adjustable gold-plated 510 contact pin
    • 22m diameter

    Coil Compatibility:

    • 1.5Ω SSOCC 10W-25W mouth to lung coil (red gasket)
    • 0.5Ω ceramic coil (gray gasket)
    • 0.3Ω RBA pre-installed with two 0.6Ω Claptons in parallel (orange gasket)


    • Material: stainless steel and glass
    • Liquid capacity: 5ml
    • Threading: 510
    • Coil: pre-built SSOCC and rebuildable
    • Wick: Japanese organic cotton
    • Dimensions: 65.5mm x 22mm

    The Kanger Protank 4 Evolved kit includes one Protank 4 device, one 0.5Ω SSOCC (ceramic coil), one 1.5Ω SSOCC (mouth to lung coil), one RBA Pro pre-installed with two 0.6Ω Clapton coils in parallel configuration, two extra Clapton coils for the RBA Pro, a sheet of Japanese organic cotton, and a tool set of extra screws and an Allen key.

    Vaper Warning: Sub-ohm atomizers are for advanced users only. Be sure that you have a great understanding and technical knowledge of sub-ohm coils before using.

    Sub-ohm coils are designed for sub-ohm atomizers and will only work on mechanical mods or devices that can handle sub-ohm resistances of 0.5 ohm or lower. Do not use short or flat 510 connection on any hybrid or hybrid style device. If you are not familiar or unsure of your device set-up, please do not use a sub-ohm coil.

    Do not use OCC Ni200 (Nickel) and Ti (Titanium) coils with non-temperature control devices/mods. If you decide to use your Protank 4 with a nickel or titanium coil head, please make sure that the mod or battery that you are using with the tank is capable of temperature sensing or limiting.

    If your EVOLVED Pro-Tank 4 is installed with a pre-built atomizer or rebuild-able deck with sub-ohm resistance, we highly recommend that you use American made e-liquids that contain less than 6mg of nicotine. Sub-ohm atomizers tend to produce a stronger throat hit than low and standard resistance atomizers. Juices with more than 6mg of nicotine could result in a burnt or harsh taste when heated by a sub-ohm coil.

  • Temperature Control (TC) Vaping - What Is It?

    What you need to know about temperature controlled vaping!

    Temperature control, temperature sensing, temperature limiting, or simply TC vaping is all the rage these days. Almost every box mod manufacturer has introduced its own TC (temperature control vaping) model in the past year, with the earlier ones getting multiple upgrades already. Coil builders are responding to the trend too, with more and more retailers offering replacement nickel and titanium coils for existing tanks.

    Why Do You Need Temperature Control?

    Experienced vapers know that overheating is a constant challenge when trying to push your vape device to the limit. Vapes that are too hot can burn the wick. Burning the wick produces dry hits. And dry hits result in really awful flavors.

    Polish scientists conducted a study back in May 2014 where different e-liquids were tested using a pen-type eGo battery and a top coil 2.4Ω clearomizer. The battery was set to 3.2 volts, 4.0 volts, and 4.8 volts. While the levels of carbonyls found in the vapor were very low at 3.2 and 4.0 volts, they were significantly higher at 4.8 volts. It was discovered that the main culprit was dry, burned wicks.

    Temperature control technology is a fool-proof way to limit the temperature of the coils so they don't reach burning point.

    What Exactly is Temperature Control Vaping?

    Although the technology is called temperature control, there are no actual heat sensors or thermostats built into the device. What TC mods do is monitor coil resistance as it is heated. Every time a slight change in resistance is detected, the temperature control function automatically adjusts – reduce, restrict or totally cut off – power to prevent coil damage.

    Nickel and Titanium Wires

    Temperature control only works with nickel (Ni-200) and pure titanium (TI) coils because they have a more linear relationship between resistance and temperature compared to standard Kanthal and Ni-Chrome wires. As the coils heat up, the resistance also rises. The increase in resistance is a relatively constant value based on temperature. A temperature controlled device uses the change in resistance to regulate temperature within 10 degrees Fahrenheit.

    Temperature controlled coils are also wrapped differently. Nickel coil builds usually have double or even triple the amount of wraps as a standard Kanthal or Ni-chrome coil. This is because nickel wires heat up much quicker and additional wraps are needed to slow down conductivity.

    Spacing is also important in Ni-200 coils because if the wires make contact, the temperature control function of your mod will fail to accurately detect resistance change.

    Many coil builders prefer to use pure titanium instead of nickel because TI has a higher resistance – which means less wraps. Titanium is also more durable.

    On a mechanical mod, there is no safe way to regulate power output of nickel and titanium coils which could lead to serious injuries and property damage. Make sure that you only use Ni-200 and TI coils on temperature controlled devices.

    Temperature Controlled Devices

    To start enjoying the benefits of temperature controlled vaping, you will need two things: a temperature controlled mod paired with a nickel/titanium coil build. You cannot use a TC mod without a Ni/Ti coil and you cannot use a Ni/Ti coil without a TC vaporizer. They are always used together.

    Temperature Control Mods

    When temperature control technology was first introduced, it was very difficult to find an affordable device. Early units cost more than $200 without the tank. Today you can find TC mods for half the price as more vapor companies compete for prominent share of the booming market.

    There are three main types of temperature controlled mods available.

    DNA40 and rDNA40 devices are designed to cut off power when the desired temperature is reached.

    SMOK and Joyetech's eVic-VT mod gradually reduce the output power to enable the device to continue firing at a maximum temperature setting.

    High-end temperature controlled mods such as the SX Mini and Pioneer4You IPV4 can do both.

    Temperature control not only allows you to precisely control the temperature of your coils but also to fine-tune your vape. Some TC mods even have a memory function that remembers the resistance settings of your last coil so you can vape your same exact sweet spot even if you change atomizers.

    Here are some of the most popular temperature control mods today:

    Temperature Control Tanks

    You don't need a special tank for temperature control vaping. All rebuildable tanks (RTA) and drippers (RDA) can be used as part of a TC vape setup as long as you change the coil head to a Ni-200 or pure titanium build.

    If you're already into sub-ohm vaping, transitioning to temperature control will be easy as many manufacturers of sub-ohm tanks are now offering nickel replacement coils.

    Ni-200 and Ti coils are usually marked with a colored gasket to differentiate them from standard Kanthal and Ni-chrome coils. Check the product description of your existing tank if the coil head is replaceable and if the manufacturer is selling nickel and titanium options.

    Here are some of the most popular temperature control tanks today:

    If you prefer to use an RDA or RBA tank setup, you can easily build your own coil out of nickel wire.

    Benefits/Drawbacks of Temperature Control Vaping

    When your vaping device fires at very high temperatures, coils can get too hot and burn out. Temperature control can help extend the life of your coils.

    There is nothing worse than painstakingly building a fresh new coil only to accidentally dry fire your mod and render your tank unusable. Even if you are still able to use your tank, the flavor won't be the same and the coils won't last as long as they should. Adding fresh e-liquid after burning the coils will almost always result in a burnt taste and wasted ejuice. Mods with temperature control capability can prevent these mistakes as the device won't fire when it detects insufficient juice on your coils.

    While temperature control vaping has many benefits, there are a few downsides to it as well.

    First, the 18650 mod battery life is shorter as temperature controlled coils use a very low resistance until they are heated. They need more power on initial fire compared to a standard resistance coil.

    Second, nickel and pure titanium replacement coils are more expensive than Kanthal, Ni-chrome, or build-your-own coils.

    Third, for those who prefer making their own coils, it should be noted that Ni-200 and Ti coils are harder to build because of the complicated wrapping and spacing requirements mentioned above.

    Conclusion on TC Vaping

    Dry hits and burnt coils can be frustrating. They ruin your tanks, they ruin your e-liquid, and they can be very expensive mistakes. Temperature control offers a safer, more convenient, and definitely more pleasurable vaping experience.

    When properly fine-tuned, a temperature controlled device allows you vape at your exact sweet spot without worrying about coils getting to hot and flavors going bad.

    Temperature control is the future of vaping technology. More and more temperature controlled mods and atomizers are introduced every week, driving prices down and making the technology readily available to more vapers.

    Temperature controlled devices usually cost more so the initial investment is slightly higher. However, many of the newer variable wattage vaporizers now come with built-in temperature control so if you're planning to upgrade to a new mod, there may or may not be a price difference at all.

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