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The Cost of E-Liquid vs Regular Cigarettes

The appeal of electronic cigarettes is not limited to the smoking pleasure they deliver. With ecigs, the cost of maintaining your daily habit is much cheaper compared to the ever-increasing prices of conventional cigarettes.

Refilling your cartomizer with Vapor HQ e-liquid is definitely the way to go if you want big savings. One milliliter of e-juice contains around 35 to 40 drops – enough to fill a standard ecig tank.

Because smokers have different puffing styles, it is impossible to get an accurate figure on how many cigarettes are in 1ml of e-liquid. Collective data from the vaping community shows that a pack of cigarettes is equivalent to approximately 2ml of e-liquid.

Therefore, a 10ml bottle would equal 5 packs, a 15ml bottle is worth 7.5 packs, a 30ml bottle should last 15 packs, and a 50ml bottle is good for 25 packs.

Now let's look at the current market prices of e-liquids and regular tobacco cigarettes.

The average price of a pack of cigarettes in the United States is $6 – with a high of $12 in New York City.

A 10ml bottle usually costs $6.99, so a pack of smokes is around $1.40 in ecig vapor.

A 15ml bottle that sells for $9.99 equals $1.33 per pack.

A 30ml bottle priced at $19.99 is equivalent to $1.32 per pack.

Order a 50ml bottle for $29.99 and your pack-a-day habit will only cost you $1.19!

Even if you like to take long, deep puffs from your personal vaporizer, you could still enjoy over $1,500 in savings per year!

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