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Authentic Kanger TOPBOX Mini Starter Kit

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Lyle 3/2/2017

Love it

Ordered two of them. One for my wife and one for me. For our first box mod.s we love them. Only reason it's not a 5 star is because the fluid leak out the air holes when it sits over night or a few hours without use. Otherwise it would be a 5 star product. The main unit is wonderful and easy to use and set up. It's just the coil/seal leak as to why it earned 4 stars.

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Joe 2/13/2017



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Michael 1/24/2017

Good starter kit!

Great kit to get if you're looking for a more versatile starter kit. The only reason it didn't get 5 stars at this point is that I've had a couple issues with it randomly leaking in the past few weeks, not after refilling the tank or changing the cool either, can't really figure out what's causing it.

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stanjam@gmail.com 1/17/2017


Been getting a horrible taste after the unit sits overnight. Partially is a battery problem (battery not charging well within unit), to which the solution is to get a good external charger.

The other issue is these wicks not drawing enough liquid to the coils, causing burning coils etc. Try taking a fine needle and run it horizontally through the external wicking hole on the side. Push until your needle comes pour the other side, and wiggle a little to create a small tunnel.

Solution found on Reddit. Be careful not to dislodge you coil.

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stan 1/13/2017

Great vape

My wife had the topbox nano and likes it a lot. She recommended Vaporhq and Kangertech. I finally decided on the topbox mini, as I liked the design and the fact it has temp control and is built for sub ohm vaping.

Simple to set up and use, I was going as soon as the battery was charged. Nice, easy draw and produces nice amounts of vapor. I doubt it will win cloud competitions, but I didn't buy out for that! Still it is capable of producing large clouds of that is what you are after. I like having a decent cloud, but not a ton.

The only negatives for me were that it didn't come with a battery, and the drip tip is a little large for my tastes, so I will pick up some smaller tips.

This is my first box mod, and I am loving the improvement from a pen.

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J. 12/15/2016

Mouth to Lung Nearly Impossible

If you're thinking of buying one of these to help you..., be mindful of the fact that it's nearly impossible to vape 'mouth to lung', like you do/did with cigarettes. The drip tip is far too wide and the airflow at the bottom of the tank is a little too 'airy'. If you want to smoke this like a cigarette, consider finding a nice small bore drip tip to replace the one that comes with it. Other than that, it's a fine product that's very well built.

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Areahna 11/22/2016

love it

I absolutely love it. But it fell off my sink one time and now the battery won't fit in the hole. I'm not sure what's wrong. None of last one's have never done that.

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Joy 10/18/2016

I love this setup!

I really like the size and how well it fits in my hand and the cool colors don't hurt either! The only downfall is it leaks slightly from the bottom of the tank if you don't get a good seal when replacing the atomizer.

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Liliana 10/16/2016

Works great

Very good. Kanger products are very good (: would buy again

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bryan 10/11/2016

works great

after receiving a defective topbox mini, the return and reship was quick and the new one works great

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