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Authentic Kanger TOPBOX Mini Starter Kit

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Ashley 5/21/2017

No comment

No comment

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Jammie 5/10/2017

Cool look

This easily became my ADV device. super easy to use and has a nice cool look to and the only con is that the tank it is slightly hard to reload juice.

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Ronda 5/6/2017



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WalkGood 4/15/2017

Good Product at Fair Price

-Overall: good product at a fair price and I am enjoying it
-Works well (I have only owned 2 weeks)
-Construction: metal case is precision made, good paint job, good appearance, easy to remove magnetic cover, good LED screen
-Functions: easy to use once you understand it
-Should include spare glass atomizer (mine broke in the first few days of use and I could not figure out why)
-Poorly written instructions: company representative sent me the nano instructions
-Confusing to order spare parts: items don't always state "for use with TOPBOX Mini starter kit"
-Paint scratches easy around bottom edge just from repeated sitting down between uses (I rubber coated mine with a paint treatment)
-Specs of vape juice can make it to your mouth when sucked or hit too hard (might be a good idea to provide a filter that fits into the mouth piece, then the user can either use with or without it)

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Jenny Beens 4/13/2017

Bought one for my Hubby

Just bought this I also Bought one for my hubby decent for this price very durable and light. It could use a better tank I'd say

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Frank 4/13/2017

The best for moderate wattage

This is my second system and it works like a champ. Unless you require more than 50-75 watts I can't see any reason not to buy this system. I had a Wotofo RDA with 2 Claptons which came down to .2 ohms. At 60 watts the Mini got real hot and the best battery I have just started to drain to where you could watch the battery indicator go down. This is a wonderful unit, but is not appropriate for high wattage applications. I run my coils I got from Kanger(.5 ohms) at 30 watts and it works flawlessly. Great hits and if you don't want to mess with RBA's and wrapping coils, Kanger makes high quality coil assemblies. I have found the .5 ohm Clapton works the best in my Nano. They last for at least a week depending on how much they are used, the juice used, and the wattage. I had one last 2 1/2 weeks. IMHO Kanger is the best and they do make a 120 and 200 watt boxes if that's what you need.
Oh and the ability to add juice from the top of the tank makes this system a no brainer. An there is a platinum version for those with deeper pockets.

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Lyle 3/2/2017

Love it

Ordered two of them. One for my wife and one for me. For our first box mod.s we love them. Only reason it's not a 5 star is because the fluid leak out the air holes when it sits over night or a few hours without use. Otherwise it would be a 5 star product. The main unit is wonderful and easy to use and set up. It's just the coil/seal leak as to why it earned 4 stars.

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Joe 2/13/2017



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Michael 1/24/2017

Good starter kit!

Great kit to get if you're looking for a more versatile starter kit. The only reason it didn't get 5 stars at this point is that I've had a couple issues with it randomly leaking in the past few weeks, not after refilling the tank or changing the cool either, can't really figure out what's causing it.

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Been getting a horrible taste after the unit sits overnight. Partially is a battery problem (battery not charging well within unit), to which the solution is to get a good external charger.

The other issue is these wicks not drawing enough liquid to the coils, causing burning coils etc. Try taking a fine needle and run it horizontally through the external wicking hole on the side. Push until your needle comes pour the other side, and wiggle a little to create a small tunnel.

Solution found on Reddit. Be careful not to dislodge you coil.

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