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Cream DeVille Max VG E-Liquid (Sugary Caramel Marshmallow)

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Matt 1/11/2017



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Bina 1/3/2017

best of the best

The first time I tried this I immediately ordered 2 more bottles, then another 2 & 2 or 3 more. I have almost all your fruit, tobacco & dessert flavors but this is the best of the best. Not only do I love the flavor & the creamiest but I add other flavors to it and it enhances both flavors. It's a little too expensive for me but when you have a discount promo I buy multiples. I can't imagine eveer getting tired of vaping this delicious combo

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brandon 12/22/2016

It was okayish

Honestly it wasn't the best it wasn't great and marginally good but good clouds.

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Bina 12/15/2016

best taste ever

The 1st time I tried this I immediately ordered 2 more bottles & I have since ordered 3 more. I absolutely love the creamy, sweet flavor. It's the best tasting e liquid that I have tried in the past. In addition, I can add so many of my flavors to the Cream de Ville and the original flavor & creaminess isn't lost.

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Gustavo 12/11/2016

No comment


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Steven L 12/8/2016


Good flavor, nice ADV

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Bina 11/29/2016


I've ordered many different 'flavors' but this was my first experience with Cream De Ville & it certainly won't be my last. As soon as I vaped it, I ordered 2 more bottles. Not only is it the tastiest e liquid that I've tried but it's also very soothing. It's actually addicting. Pure pleasure. Thank you for having it with a promo code because otherwise I wouldn't have been able to afford it.

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Hilary 10/15/2016

I love

I love this flavor.

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Gustavo 10/13/2016

Sweet and Smooth

Excelent flavor, my everyday vape it´s sweet and smooth.

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Joe 9/27/2016

EDV fo sho!

So I just started vaping(ex-smooker) and worked my way down from 18MG nic to 1.5 in ONE MONTH! This has transitioned from addiction to hobby in NO TIME. I started using the Kanger EVOD Pro (with built-in tank) and my discounted Vapor HQ Vanilla Custard e-liquid....
enjoyed it immediately! Then I advanced to the Kbox and Pangu tank with some Propaganda The Hype cotton candy with mixed results. It was a great e-liquid, however it benefited others more than myself. (everyone else around me noted the scent but I was left tasteless for the most part) I needed that Vapor HQ familiarity again!!!!! THIS CREAM DEVILLE brought it back! That sweet creamy taste from the vanilla custard came back and everyone around me PLUS myself enjoyed it. REMEMBER, this is YOUR body and your experience FIRST. I read these reviews and no one seems to note THIER MOD and the MG nic used. I am currently rocking this Cream Deville at 3MG nic with my Kbox mod and Pangu tank at 25-30 watts. GREAT~~~~~~~EXPERIENCE!!!!!!!!!!!!! clouds for days and taste abound! Best of all worlds and a great every day vape! (using 0.5 ohm coil) I hope some new vapers read this and take it to heart. I live in a city where vape is still new so I don't get a lot of tips, so online reviews mean EVERYTHING. I took a blind chance on Vapor HQ and won't look back. Do the same. ENJOY!

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