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Shot Caller Max VG E-Liquid (Uber Custard Dessert)

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Stacy 9/11/2016

No comment

Taste like snicker doodle cookies

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K 8/25/2016

My Go-To

I love this one! It's my daily flavor. I normally go with vanilla, coffee, creamy flavors and Shot Caller is perfect. Not too sweet, but lots of flavor and tons of puff!

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Scotty 8/4/2016


I love this vape. It reminds me of deep fried ice cream, with nilla waffers, and a hint of hazelnut. this is the best juice I've tried.

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suzanne 8/1/2016

True to description! Wow!

The first of the Outcast Series I've tried, can't wait to try the rest! To me, it tastes like ice cream with warm chocolate - coconut macaroons. So yummy.

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Paul 6/29/2016


Out of a Kanger Nano, through two fresh coils, 6mg.

I'm a little surprised no one has used this description, but it might be subjective to my setup.

Have you ever had toasted coconut on the rim of a tropical drink instead of salt/sugar? Or the top of a well baked coconut macaroon? Combine that with a slight hint of cinnamon and vanilla. All around a good flavor that maintains the taste with no weird after or beginning.

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Vince 6/7/2016

omg vapor hq steps it up again

Not sure if Kris will kick this review up since its my second about this magic mystery juice. But l just recent bought two (2) 120ml bottles and already I'm thru 1so far and l personally have about a half a gallon of juice about 100 different which my favorite are my coveted vapor hq collection. But l always have a tank loaded with my shot caller because it's one of my favorite all day vapes the other being vapor hq vanilla custard. Well l just needed to say it once again that this amazing smooth insanely delicious flavor will blow your mind with its sinfully chocolate creamy flavor with hints of hazelnut, vanilla custard, coffee/expresso, a fresh bakery full of bread cupcakes and sweet donuts this flavor has so many layers of amazing mouthwatering flavors l don't think any of us shot caller fiends can put our finger on what the genus mixers did to create this one of a kind vapors dream ejuice it has something for everyone. And now vapor hq brings out a 120ml for under fifty bucks all l can say is BUY BUY BUY IT! You will not be disappointed thanks vapor hq for the flavor l wake up to and the flavor fall asleep with

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Sarah Jane 5/5/2016

Maybe I got a bad batch

Maybe I got a bad batch, or I need to let it Steep but I dont thikk I usually need to steep whenI pay premium prices. First let me say that the service and shipping is great at VHQ. I got a sample of Spinal Fluid in my 1st order which was unlike an juice I had tried. truly amazing sweet and tart but not overly. I was so excited to try the other flavers. I read all of the reviews and this "Called" out to the desert lover in me. Ive vaped it in my Kanger Nano tank, my Cleito, and now my Kanger Squank(which is AWESOME) but it tasted like BURNT Choch CHip Cookes..maybe, I really gave it a go, let it sit and wick up overnight I tried loving it in the morning, but the same taste, and worse for me aftertaste. I read review this is how I have to find anything about Vaping in Vermont. I just find it interesting that it got so many 5 Stars, taste is subjective. Ill let you know if it clears up after a week or two in the closet. I am back to buy more Spinal Fluid!

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Vince 4/12/2016

wonderful mystery juice

I been using vapor HQ juices for a year and half now and l have most of there juices in my arsenal but this is by far is my favorite. It has so many levels of flavor that everyday l use it l find a new hint of genius with every vape. It blows my mind as it changes thru out the day wether l just woke up with morning Dragon breath or I'm tripping thru the day to my evening meal. If you like rich smooth flavors with a touch of a schizophrenia you will find you can't put this one down. From its chocolate to vanilla to creamy and nutty smoky flavor this one is pure genius. Huge props to the flavor mixing wizards at vapor hq

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Alexandria 2/4/2016

Surprisingly good

I really only use one flavor and this one is completely opposite of what i would use daily. I LOVE IT! its hard to describe exactly what it taste like, maybe a chocolate cupcake or something along those lines. Its really good though. Def like it a lot.

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Tracey 1/18/2016

My ADV of choice...

...and it's not even close. Fantastic flavor and powerful stuff.

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